Being Polish

Polish ancestry?

Honor and show it with pride (and a wink!) via these ultimate antidotes to Polish jokes.

Order Here!(while also helping the lives of Polish orphans)*



Either slogan available on T-shirts, sweatshirts, plates, cups, mugs and anything printable!

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*In perpetuity, a minimum of five percent of all sales of merchandise gross profits will be verifiably donated monthly to Fundacja Optivus™, based in Warsaw (Warszawa), Poland (The Optivus Foundation™ in English), a Polish non-profit charity established exclusively and specifically to help fund Polish orphanages, from better living and health conditions to new orphanage construction. Donations will be sent via wire transfer from Belle/Millennium, Inc., owner of this website and trademarks, to the bank paymaster in Warsaw (Warszawa) for distribution to the orphanages. A certificate of thanks for your slogan merchandise purchase and inclusive donation to the Foundation is included on this website’s THANK YOU page as proof of purchase(s) for legitimate charitable tax-deduction purposes.